Runtime security

Runtime is a new paradigm of intelligent IoT protection that leverages on-device machine learning to offer high performance, automated and up to date protection.


A technology designed for IoT and edge computing

Designed for IoT


Our technology is designed for IoT and edge computing to guarantee high standards performance and edge security.

A complete IoT security observability tool to track filesystem activity and block access to files with path based rules.

Flexible & Cross-platform


An end-to-end security solution that's constantly updated and completely customizable. Fully compatible with existing embedded devices and can be integrated into software solutions already on the field.

Our AI monitors everything in real time, learns from all attacks and shares the information across all your devices and clients, in real time.

Edge Security


Exein Runtime leverages the fine-grained access to system activity and our unique expertise in delivering Machine Learning.

The proprietary process-anomaly module allows to protect the device from any significant deviation of the process activity, securing the host device from both known and unknown threats.

Why it works

The world's first eBPF-based runtime threat detection engine

Written entirely in Rust, Exein Runtime runs everywhere and ensures your devices are protected from inside.

Built on Edge

On-device security that guarantees an ongoing threat monitoring and detection even without an internet connection.

IoT First

Our solution is optimized for performance, runtime cost, and edge security and is efficient to be run even on weak devices.

Modular architecture

A smooth integration with your existing systems. Written entirely in Rust, its core is built to be flexible, extensible, and easy to use.


A solution that combines its edge AI threat detection engines with deterministic security policies to achieve state of the art performance.


Built on open foundations

We believe security needs to be open and transparent in order to be truly effective.

That’s why we have open sourced the core technology underpinning Exein Runtime - the Exein Pulsar framework.

Pulsar OSS vs Exein Runtime

Pulsar OSS

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Exein Runtime

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Security and Observability

Filesystem monitoring
Network monitoring
Process tracking
Unlimited custom security policies
Standard runtime enforcement
Malware detection
Process behavior anomaly detection
Advanced runtime enforcement

Integrations and Management

Identity-aware events export
SIEM integrations (Splunk, ELK, etc.)
Exein monitoring dashboard
Remote management tools


24x7 Enterprise Grade Support SLA
Custom integrations
Pulsar technical training
Dedicated solutions architect

Get ahead of the competition and build a safer digital world.