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Partner with us to make your device more secure with the most advanced IoT security technology.


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Empower the performance of your IoT fleet

Partner with us to develop secure, reliable IoT products. Our solutions can be offered as an add-on to your main product.

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Offer your clients the most advanced embedded security solution. Partner with us to market Exein products.

Easy to deploy


Integrating our solutions inside pre-existing IoT management systems is easy and fast, enable advanced runtime protection for your devices in days, instead of months.

With native support for the most commonly used SIEM and SOAR systems, Exein solutions allow you to export rich identity-aware events to your preferred destination without sacrificing performance and valuable compute resources.

Fully customizable


The modular design of the underlying Exein technology makes it extremely easy to customize the solution based on the specific use-case requirements, choosing the optimal trade off between observability and runtime cost.

With technology designed for IoT and edge computing, Exein Runtime is optimized for performance and edge security.




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Exein is the IoT edge that protects from inside. Our technology continuously monitors and identifies threats at every stage of development, ensuring top-notch security for IoT devices such as medical products, smart objects and connected vehicles.

Building world-class technology requires world-class security.

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