Exein Analyzer

Exein Analyzer helps identify threats to determine your organization’s cyber posture. Integrated with asset identification tools, you can scan the security of your IoT fleet with ease.


The intel you need for your device's security

Multi-system detector


You can’t risk fixing vulnerabilities after they’re found. You need to know if there’s a problem in the first place.

Exein analyzer allows you to get ahead of the game. With a variety of tools for managing multiple systems, including Linux, RTOS, UEFI, Docker, Android and Uboot.

Fully automated


You can assess any IoT device without accessing the source code or utilizing any agents/SDKs.

With Exein Analyzer you know exactly where the most dangerous vulnerabilities are, and address them in a smart way.

360 Support


Assessing vulnerabilities is tiring and painful. You will rely on our community for guidance on how to protect against risks.

Exein Analyzer allows you to get 360 support, the ability to deploy your projects fast and confidence to deliver secure devices to your clients.

Why it works

Security where matters

Automate the analysis and identification of security vulnerabilities with intelligent prioritization and proprietary rating.

Security made simple

Get all the intel you need about your device's security in one place: simple and convenient.


Easy integration with the most popular build tools such as Yocto and BuildRoot, so that security can be implemented right from day zero.

Spot any issue fast

Pinpoint potential exploits and vulnerabilities, exactly where they are introduced in the source code.

Proactive security at scale

Isolate malware from your device filesystem, so you can safely remove or quarantine infected files.

Get ahead of the competition and build a safer digital world.