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With our comprehensive, yet flexible IoT security solution, you can easily design, build and deploy secure IoT products.


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Proactive security


Learn from the past, existing and incoming attacks to prevent new ones by AI technology.

Our IoT security solution monitors, in real time, all connected devices and learns from every cyber attack. It then shares information across all your connected devices and clients.

With Exein, you have full and transparent visibility of the entire device fleet.

Protection on the field


The large numbers, diverse capabilities, long lifespans, and geographic distribution of IoT devices make it challenging to set up, maintain and secure your IoT devices.

Our innovative technology allows you to monitor the entire fleet at once, providing insights into each device and its behaviour without interfering with your workflow.

Stay Compliant


Threats are constantly evolving, and as a result it is difficult to stay up to date on regulations and standards.

Our runtime security solution enables you to enforce consistent security policies across your IoT device fleet and respond quickly when devices are compromised.


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Protect your IoT devices in real time with a single, highly adaptive defense. The AI learns from all attacks and shares the information across all your devices and clients.

Learn more about how Exein protects your smart devices with the IoT-first security technology.

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