Make transportation safer for everyone and equip cars with the most advanced embedded security technology.


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Defend your software from inside.

Automated Cybersecurity


Automate and optimize all steps of cyber threat response processes, including the classification and detection of the attack, understanding its impact and prioritizing the actions to be taken.

With Exein, you can use cybersecurity automation to improve response time dramatically and make it more efficient.

Smart production


We ensure the security of your products from start to finish.

Our intelligent solutions automatically detect and secure all your connected devices.

Exein provides a complete, secure and scalable runtime solution for your IoT devices production.

Easy Compliance


Implement cybersecurity within existing structures and make your compliance process more efficient.

We enable IoT devices to sense and study cybersecurity threats, stop attacks automatically and consistently with your security policies.


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Develop and deliver secure infotainment systems that meet the highest safety and security standards in your connected vehicles.

Learn more about how Exein's edge security solutions help you face the complexity of cyber attacks.

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