Reduce the risk of equipment failures by preventing cyber attacks. Exein protects medical devices from malicious activity.


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Shield medical devices from threats.

Protect from inside


Automate the protection of your medical devices with our embedded security solution.

Exein makes it easy to identify, find, and fix vulnerabilities in connected devices without disrupting their operations.

Zero Trust Policy


Reduce the time and cost of manual, cumbersome processes with automatic enforcement of policy changes in real-time.

Our security solutions enable you to enforce consistent security policies across your IoT device fleet and respond quickly when devices are compromised.

Real-time intelligence


Get real-time, actionable threat intelligence for your devices.

With Exein, you can see when something is wrong with a device and quickly take action to protect it from attacks.

An easy-to-deploy security solution for IoT devices, from threat analysis to remediation.


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Provide better patient outcomes and overall productivity by increasing the security of healthcare devices.

Learn more about how our technology secure your medical devices with the best-in-class security edge.

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