We provide security solutions for your IoT devices that reduce risk and increase efficiency, helping you meet business continuity, security and compliance requirements.


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Protect your machinery from unauthorized code injection.

Security at all levels


We ensure the security of your machinery from start to finish by providing a complete, secure and scalable runtime solution.

Rather than piece fits, we use embedded software to serve our clients' development and security needs.

Zero Downtime Security


Easily secure and protect your connected devices without impacting your workflow.

With Exein you can now analyze, and monitor all your connected devices to detect abnormal behaviour, and mitigate security risks - including devices already on the field.

Smart Growth


Exein solutions help you to increase revenues by increasing production and securing your supply chain.

Implement smart and safe technologies to fuel innovation with peace of mind, and transform the workforce to become more productive.


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Achieve your digital transformation goals and enhance your profit margins by modernizing with security strategies that enable growth, reduce risks, and minimize costs.

Learn more about how Exein protects the Industrial Internet of Things with the most advanced embedded security solution.

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Get ahead of the competition and build a safer digital world.